3 Fruits You Should Try | Durian, Thai Coconut and Passion Fruit

I love fruit. And when we moved to Southeast Asia I discovered even more fruit to love. We have traveled to 11 different countries in the year since I first wrote this post. In that time I have discovered new fruit and gone through phases with some of my former favorite fruit loves like passion fruit. I have not stopped loving fruit though. If you aren’t that crazy about fruit or if you love it, I recommend these 3 fruits you should try.


Passion Fruit is a sometimes sour and sometimes sweet. They are AMAZING and my all time favorite fruit! In the San Francisco, we knew of a place where we could pick the fruit for free. It can sometimes be found at the local grocer, but the price is usually high. In SE Asia, passion fruit is plentiful and cheap and I’m sure I will burn myself out on it, because I eat so much of it!

Passion Fruit will ripe after its been picked. You’ll know it’s ripe when the color becomes richer and more solid – deep purple or a peachy orange depending on the variety. If your passion fruit is really wrinkled and shriveled up, don’t throw it away! Eat it. The wrinkles tell you it’s ripe and ready to be eaten.

Passion Fruit also makes DELICIOUS fresh juice and smoothies! I like to add it to gelatin when I’m making homemade gummy candy. My brother is not a fan of the texture of the seeds and won’t even try passion fruit unless it’s in his green drink. On balance, I’m cool with that – more passion fruit for me!

Passion Fruit via Wikipedia ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Passiflora_edulis )
Passion Fruit via Wikipedia ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Passiflora_edulis )


I really love Thai Coconut. I love the juice and the firm coconut meat. The meat inside is sweet and the coconut water is refreshing and healthy. Thai coconut is one of my favorite things.

You need a cleaver and a good aim to open a Thai coconut so have a parent open it up for you! YouTube has tutorials if you need instruction. If you’re having your coconut at a restaurant or stand, take the coconut to the shop keeper, after you’ve finished drinking the water and ask to them to cut open your coconut for the coconut meat. And remember your straw!

3 Fruits: Thai Coconuts, Passion fruit and Durian
Thai Coconuts


When you open up the Durian, make sure to plug your nose! The smell is not very welcoming. My mother says it smells like her grandma’s basement! To me, Durian smells like dirty trash mixed with dirty socks! Yum, don’t you want to try Durian now?

All things considered, this smelly fruit is super sweet and tastes like custard. I don’t mind it but its not my favorite. Many, however, love it!

Passion Fruit and Durian via Wikipedia ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Durian )
Durian via Wikipedia ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Durian )

There are so many wonderful fruits in the world, and these are some of the smelly, sour, sweet fruits you will definitely want to try!

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