Everything You Need To Know About Pie and Pi Day!

Pi day is a holiday to celebrate Pi, which you may also know it as π, or 3.14159265359 or…

Pie for Pi dayBerry Pie – Looks yummy right?

If you know nothing about pi day or pies, this is the place to be! Disclaimer: I know very little about pi or pie.

Facts about Pi and Pie

The pi numbers never, ever end 😱!

No matter how small you cut the pieces, pie will eventually come to an end. Pie is sorta like a giant pastry and is, in my opinion, much tastier than cake.

Larry Shaw, a physicist working at the San Francisco Exploratorium, held the first official pi day celebration in 1988. As a matter of fact, I’ve taken classes at the Exploratorium and it doesn’t surprise me that Pi day got its start there.

Pies are known by their crusts and pies can also be savory or sweet! There is a science to making pie and I’ve heard making crusts can be a lot of work, which makes pie the perfect celebration food.

Pi day is celebrated every year on March 14. The reason it is celebrated on March 14 is because the first 3 most important numbers in pi are 3.14. The 3 stands for the third month (March) and the 14 stands for the 14th day. How clever.

Pie is so special it has two celebration days. Both December 1st and January 23rd are National Pie days.

Grocery stores make about $700,000,000 yearly in pie sales!! To sum it up, hat’s a lot of zeros, but not as many numbers as there are in pi!

Lu Chao from China was able to recall the first 67,890 numbers of pi!!!😱 In light of that accomplishment, Lu Chao deserves a piece of pie.

I hope you enjoyed these facts about Pi day and pies! In any event, it’s a good day for pie.

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Happy pi day everyone!

Love Amelia!! <3

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