My Favorite Movies – 2016 list

First off, I’ve seen a lot of movies and like a lot of movies. The movies I included in my favorite movies list for 2016 are here because usually, these are the movies that I ended up watching the most. I like movies that make me smile. I also enjoy when the music and fashion are exciting.

Secondly, I’m not rating these movies for any other quality other than being my favorite movies now. There are movies that didn’t make my list that are also awesome, but these are the movies that I return to regularly.

SprocketGirls Favorite Movies – 2016

  1. Pitch Perfect 2 – PG-13
  2. Aliens In The Attic – PG
  3. The Cutting Edge – PG
  4. 17 Again – PG-13
  5. Bridge To Terabithia – PG
  6. Pixels – PG-13
  7. Pitch Perfect 1 – PG-13
  8. The Parent Trap – PG
  9. Hannah Montana Movie – G
  10. Soul Surfer – PG
  11. Romana And Beezus – G
  12. Aquamarine – PG
  13. Death Becomes Her – PG-13
  14. Legally Blonde – PG-13
  15. Arthur And The Invisibles – PG
  16. Princess Diaries – G
  17. Freaky Friday – PG
  18. Monte Carlo – PG
  19. Miss Congeniality – PG-13
  20. Ferris Buellers Day Off- PG-13
  21. 13 going on 30- PG-13

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Let me know what your favorites are in the comments. I hope you liked my 2016 favorite movies list!

– Love Amelia!

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