All About Man Eating GECKOS!

When I wrote this piece about geckos, we were living in Bali, Indonesia for a month. The air conditioner in our room was right above the doors to the outside and there was a gecko that lived behind the unit. The gecko probably liked the spot because the mosquitos came in through the cracks of those doors. Clever little guy.

The gecko was quite most of the day, and then at night he would bark a lot. I’ll admit, I worried the gecko would fall on me in the middle of the night while I was sleeping.

NOTE: Some of these “facts” are not real

Gecko FAQs, or not?

Creepy, killer, that will jump on you at any time

Geckos can’t blink. They lick their eyes to moisten.

A gecko can grow to be two feet long!!!

Geckos shed. In a word, GROSS!!!! Imagine you’re eating and a gecko sheds above you and the skin falls on your food!

Geckos are half chicken, so they might taste good…

In fact, geckos are radioactive. It’s true.

A gecko can replace each one of their 100 teeth every 3 years, comparatively, sharks replace teeth as well. Coincidence?

In the final analysis, Geckos are half chicken, shed on your food, and poop teeth every 3 years. They are radioactive, don’t blink, and can grow to be a giant and they WILL eat you.

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Love Amelia!

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