My Favorite Movies!

  1. Pitch Perfect 2 – PG-13
  2. Aliens In The Attic – PG
  3. The Cutting Edge – PG
  4. 17 Again – PG-13
  5. Bridge To Terabithia – PG
  6. Pixels – PG-13
  7. Pitch Perfect 1 – PG-13
  8. The Parent Trap – PG
  9. Hannah Montana Movie – G
  10. Soul Surfer – PG
  11. Romana And Beezus – G
  12. Aquamarine – PG
  13. Death Becomes Her – PG-13
  14. Legally Blonde – PG-13
  15. Arthur And The Invisibles – PG
  16. Princess Diaries – G
  17. Freaky Friday – PG
  18. Monte Carlo – PG
  19. Miss Congeniality – PG-13
  20. Ferris Buellers Day Off- PG-13
  21. 13 going on 30- PG-13

Hope you like the list of movies that I think are awesome!!!

Love Amelia!

All About Man Eating GECKOS!


Gecko FAQs, or not

Creepy, Killer, will jump on you at any time

Geckos can’t blink. They lick their eyes to moisten.

Geckos can grow to be two feet long!!!

Geckos shed – GROSS!!!! What if you’re eating and a Gecko sheds above you and the skin falls on your food?

Geckos are half chicken. So they might taste good…

Geckos are radioactive.

They can replace each one of their 100 teeth every 3 years.

CONCLUSION-Half chicken, shed on your food, and poop teeth every 3 years. Radioactive, can’t blink, and can grow to be a giant and EAT you.

Love Amelia!

3 Fruits You Should Try!

Passion Fruit via Wikipedia ( )
Passion Fruit via Wikipedia ( )

Passion Fruit is a sometimes sour and sometimes a super sweet fruit. They are AMAZING and my all time favorite fruit! You can sometimes find them at your local grocer. Passion Fruit also makes DELICIOUS juice/smoothies!

Thai Coconuts
Thai Coconuts


These Thai Coconut are to DIE for! The meat inside is sweet and the coconut water is refreshing and healthy. To open a Thai coconut you will need a cleaver, so have a parent cut it for you!

Durian via Wikipedia ( )
Durian via Wikipedia ( )

When you open up the Durian, make sure to plug your nose! The smell not great. Durian smells like dirty trash and dirty socks! However, the smelly fruit is super sweet and tastes like custard. Many love it!
There are so many wonderful fruits in the world, and these are some Smelly/Sour/Sweet fruits you will definitely want to try!


Minecraft Training: Single Player, Survival Mode

Movement in Single Player / Survival Mode
How To Play Minecraft – Getting Started

Okay so you bought Minecraft, and you’ve loaded it. This is what you should see.

Minecraft Title Screen
Title screen when Minecraft first loads.

You will see a screen that says “Singleplayer”, “Multiplayer” and “Minecraft realms”. Minecraft Realms is not important for a beginner.

Which one do you choose Singleplayer or Multiplayer? As a beginner, I would suggest doing Singleplayer, because it’s more of a peaceful place than the servers on multiplayer. Of course, you can start on Multiplayer, I did on a friends server, but she taught me what to do so it was easier than being on some strangers server.

Lets assume that you are starting in Singleplayer. Press Singleplayer. You will see buttons that say Create New World and Cancel, which takes you back to the main screen. You will also see other buttons like “Play Selected World” and Rename. When you want to create a new world click “Create New World” and this screen will show up.

Minecraft New World Screen
Screen You Should See When You Click “Create New World”

Now its time to get creative! Name your world – anything you want. Once you name your world you will see similar text as in the image. You can switch the game modes between Creative, Survival, and Hardcore. In Creative you never die and you have UNLIMITED RESOURCES! For this tutorial, select Survival. Press Create New World as shown in image left. The world will load and build the terrain.

Load Screen in Minecraft
Loading World Screen in Minecraft

You get in and you think ITS BEAUTIFUL!!! Well at least I did. Note: Not all worlds will look the same.

Minecraft New World Screen When Loaded
New World View: Every New World Will Look Completely Different

So how do you move??!! The default key settings are:
W = Move forward
S = Move backwards
A = Move left
D = Move right
Spacebar = Jump.

The W key moves your character forward. Pressing W twice will allow your character to sprint (move faster)!

I will refer to the keys in their original default state. But you should try the default key controls out and if you do not like them and they feel weird you have 2 options. Option 1: Get use to them. Option 2: Change the key controls by pressing ESC to go to the Options Menu. (see below screen capture)

Options Menu: Minecraft
Pressing The ESC Key Leads You To The Options Menu

The Options menu is also where you would leave your world (stop playing) by pressing “Save and Quit to Title”. To change the controls, press Options… 

Options Menu: Minecraft
Options Menu For Controls/Other

The Options screen looks like a LOT, but it’s really pretty simple. What you want to press to get to Controls is, well, Controls… After you’ve pressed the Controls button you should see a screen that looks similar to the below image. I’ll teach about Hotbar Slot 1, etc in a future post. 

Hotbar Controls Menu
Controls For Later Uses – Not Useful For Movement. Will Discuss In Future Post.

You will need to scroll down until you see controls similar to the below screen capture.

Movement Controls:Minecraft
Controls For Movement – Key Changes

You will see Jump and Strafe Left, etc. What you want to do is press the button that says W if you want to change the way you walk forward, and press the SPACE button to change the way you jump. Feel free to change your key controls as much as you want. There is a reset button if want to change the keys back to the original state.

Insert You tube Link

The video shows the various movements discussed in this post such as jumping, moving forward, sprinting, etc. My character also swims in water in the video. To swim, press your JUMP key to stay up to keep from drownng. You are in Survival so your character can die, but have no fear, your character can also respawn. The downside of dieing in Survival is that you will lose your inventory. More on Inventory in a future post. 

Have fun playing and exploring in Your New World. I hope you’ve found this useful. Until next time.